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We care for our patients with compassion and brotherly love. We give (and give back) to our patients, families, and our community. Check out what our patients have to say about the exceptional care they received at Life Chiropractic by reading their testimonials below.

I have suffered from Hemifacial spasm for over 4 years. The facial muscle contractions are frequently accompanied with headaches and restless nights. I was taking antidepressants, pain medicine and Botoxs injection. I was under a great deal of stress and anxiety. I isolated myself because I did not want to be seen. Until I met Dr. James Dionisio and from the first day I went to his office my life began to change. Thanks to his expertise, today I don’t have to go through with Botox injections or the other medications I was taking. I feel much better.

I thank God for having the opportunity to meet Dr. Dionisio and his team. Doctor James is very kind, knowledgeable and above all very professional. My advice is do not suffer if you feel any discomfort from head to toe, go to Dr. Dionisio and schedule a consultation.


Dr. D and his staff are absolutely amazing and I can’t say enough about the results of my treatment so far. If your in pain do yourself a favor and make an appointment and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about! Thank you guys for everything you done for me….


The PMG staff have all been very helpful over the year and a half I have been going to them. They treat the whole body to ensure all contributing health factors are addressed. They use a unique pain treatment for migraines that works. In addition, at their recommendation in 2015, I started using traction on my neck for 10 full minutes a day to combat disc erosion. The frequency and severity of migraines has greatly decreased, and the last X-rays show more space between the vertebrae. Two years ago, surgery to fuse the neck vertebrae looked like the next logical step, but that’s not even part of the discussion now. Thank you!


Since starting with Dr. D my back and neck have never felt better. At the beginning the exam was extensive but made me feel secure that I am getting the treatment that is needed. He takes X-rays before starting any treatment which helped me feel safe that I was in good hands since I am a very clumsy person and have broken a few bones in my body. I love that he shows you progress through the whole treatment and keeping me up to date on how the treatment is helping. This is definitely worth the time and money.


Just wanted to drop a few lines for Dr D and all the staff at Lifetime chiropractic. I’m so grateful for all they do! I work as a first responder and also live a very active life style, mountain biking, skiing, gym rat amongst many other activities, and as a result I get injured more than I would like. Dr D puts me back together every time. I literally have no back problems/pain any more! I can’t express how happy we crossed paths. If you’re someone like me or someone not like me I would recommend Dr D and lifetime chiropractic to help elevate those aches and pains.


I wake up more refreshed and feel much more energized during …

Many thanks to Dr. D and everyone at Life Chiropractic. My experience has been quite positive. I have fewer headaches and I am sleeping much better at night. Because I sleep much better, I wake up more refreshed and feel much more energized during the day. I also have become more aware of my posture, breathing, my health in all, and this has greatly improved the quality of life.


I am no longer limping or using a cane.

My name is Patty. Before is started going to “Dr. D”, I was experiencing lower back pain and arthritis in my knees. I was walking with a limp and using a cane. I also have chronic kidney disease and have been seeing a kidney specialist every six months for the past six years. During that time my kidney function remained stable.

Ten months ago I started getting adjusted by “Dr. D” on a regular basis. As a result, my kidney function counts have started to improve and I am no longer limping or using a cane.

Thank you Dr. D


If you like giving your business to someone that gives back to his community, Look no further! They support so many causes and grateful to support them. First responders, military, families in need and much more.

Now about their services – I never knew I could feel so good and how much an adjustment can change how I eat. I used to be allergic to bananas and melons. Since I have been seeing Dr D. and his staff I can eat all of these again.


My name is rose and I I’ve suffered from headaches since the 5th grade even going to the hospital at times.

I have been on medication for years. I am now off all meds for my migraines. Id like to thank the doctors at this office for allowing me to have freedom of no longer taking my medication.

Also my vision had gotten so bad I was going to get lasik surgery and now my vision has returned perfect as a reflection of being of meds and having regular treatments.

My whole family now comes to this office and I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks you docs and staff.

Love you all!


Thank you for your great treatments to keep me pain free…

This is a special note to say thank you for your great treatments to keep me pain free and moving. When I first walked in the office I could not drive myself there, the pain in my lower back was extreme. I could not move, sit, walk or lay down without pain. Now I can touch my toes again and I can move in all directions. My last xray showed that I have again a nice curve in my neck and in my back and I am very happy with the treatments and how I am feeling.


When I came in on my first visit I had a bad rotator cuff injury and was in pain. My back had always hurt as well. Well I had some xrays taken and sat down with the doctor. Then I learned about chiropractic. I have only been here one month and am moving and will be continuing my care in California. I feel so much better, but most importantly, I am getting to the root of my problems with my back and neck and in turn can fix my rotator cuff.

Thank you doctor!


My husband and I have been taking our newborn to see Dr. D consistently since she was a week old! He has been wonderful in providing a thorough evaluation and gentle adjustments during every appointment. I would highly recommend that anyone who is considering newborn or infant Chiropractic care see Dr. D. Additionally, their office is always clean and organized! Thank you Dr. D for taking such good care of our little girl!


I have not had a migraine headache since the end of July.

Our family has been coming to Life Chiropractic since the beginning of July of this year, thanks to a friend who referred us in. when I started coming here I suffered from debilitating migraines and headaches. I would have at least one a month. I have not had a migraine headache since the end of July. I also feel better and I have more energy as well.

Thank you doctor


Thank you Dr. D – I feel more like the me I used to be!

Let’s face it, when you get old, stuff happens; your body just doesn’t work like it used to. You get bombarded with arthritis and aches & pains and you’re limited in what you’re able to do. That was me – still trying to stay active, but limited by pain as well as uncooperative hips, back and (sometimes) shoulders. Thanks to Dr. D, my body is starting to cooperate again. I’m better balanced and secure when I walk, exercise or do normal activities. I’m even able to step up onto the chiropractic table – a ‘test’ that was previously impossible for me.

Thank you again Dr. D and the wonderful, caring staff at Life Chiropractic. Excellence Indeed!


I have more energy and my quality of life improved.

Our family has been coming to this office since July of 2009, thanks to a friend who referred us.

I am currently on dialysis three days a week due to my kidney failure resulting from acute kidney and respitory failure in March 2009. I have also had as surgery on my lower back, resulting in limited mobility and a lot of pain.

The doctors at Life Chiropractic have been adjusting me and treating me and working on specific areas of my spine that affect my kidneys. Within one month my kidney output doubled. My creatine level has been steadily decreasing as well (this shows how well the kidneys are filtering) this week, my dialysis has been cut down from 3 days a week to 2 days a week- this is huge!

I attribute the increase in kidney function to the chiropractic adjustments and specialized treatments I have been receiving. My goal is to get off dialysis completely. With the help of this office, I believe they can get me there.

My mobility has increased; I have very little pain in my lower back. I have more energy and my quality of life improved.

Thank you doctors at Life Chiropractic


So i have been see Dr D for about 2 month’s.

I have been doing concrete for about 20 years know i ve always have had problems with my back, In the short time i have been there my over all health has change, i can go to the bathroom with standing by the toilet for 10 min to wait for my back to slide into place,before i could move.

 Life Chiropractic and staff are friendly and very knowledgeable.


Dr D is the best !

Dr D is amazing! I was suffering from a tightness, discomfort in my chest. I seen my primary care doctor and had multiple tests that all came back negative Prescriptions that weren’t providing any relief. I decided to go see Dr D for an adjustment since I was also suffering from a headache. He noted that I had something “out of whack” (my words). He adjusted and almost instantly I felt 100% better. The next day I felt like myself again. I can’t thank Dr D enough for all he has done for myself and my family to keep us all feeling good.



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